Newbie question

so I’m really nearing the end of my first project and I was just wondering that by casting off and weaving in the ends if the project will really stay together through washings. I’m making a baby blanket so I know it will be washed and I would really hate for all my hard work to come undone

Yes, the bind/cast off removes the sts from the needle by slipping them through each other, and the last stitch you pull the yarn tail through it. Leave a few inches and weave it into the nearby sts. It will stay secure.

I usually pull the tail through, make a little knot in it, then weave in to the surrounding work. It will stay.

Remember on your last stitch of the bind off you will break the end of the yarn, pull it through the last stitch on the needle and then pull it tight. This will create a knot at the end that will keep everything from unraveling. Be careful not to just drop the last stitch off and try to weave the end in. That will just cause it to unravel. So long as you make sure to pull the tail through the last stitch and tighten you shoudln’t have any problems.

All the advice given as above will make sure the end of wool is secure. Just darn it in neatly on the edges and it will definitely not come unravelled.:knitting: :knitting:

thanks for all the advice I’m pretty sure it will be fine esp since I’m going to be crocheting a border around the outside of the blanket but just thought I’d double check with everyone here since I’ve never done a project before