Newbie Question

I’m just learning to knit and was wondering, is there anything wrong with learning the continental knit stitch and the English style purl?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Not fundementally, no. But I think you might have a harder time with keeping your tension consistant since the two different methods would undoubtedly provide different tensions (especially because you are using different hands). So as a beginner I would stick with one.

Later on after you’ve master the basics and your tension, it’s useful to know both styles since if you ever get into color work, one of the easiest methods is holding one color continentally and the other color english style.

Nope, I’ve heard of quite a few people who do that. The continental purl can be tricky, either too loose or too tight, so it may work well with an english knit.

I have some difficulty making the purl stitches tight enough when using continental method,so often use the English method for purl stitch and continental for knit stitch. Seems to work out pretty well. I do keep practicing purling continental, but I have to sort of pull and twist the stitch to get it tight enough to match the tension of the knit stitches. Whichever you do, enjoy your knitting time. linknit41