Newbie Question

Hi - I began knitting Monday and this site has been a huge part of my being able to do anything!

I have 2 questions:

  1. If I mess up on a stitch, or if the stitches fall off the needle I don’t know how to correct my work. I used to crochet and I knew how to unravel my work and start over from the mistake…with knitting I don’t know how to do that.
  2. Sometimes I make holes in the work and I don’t know how I did it. I am not changing colors…and I have done it both with a garter and stockinette stitch.

Thanks for your help!

i am also a newbie, but was able to correct a few of my mistakes by watching amy’s videos about it! (she has several different ones for different issues). you can find them on this page under “fixing mistakes”:

good luck!! (sorry, i don’t know the answer to your other Q… but i’m sure you’ll have plenty of helpful replies soon!) :smiley:

If you scroll down this page, there are videos about correcting mistakes. That should help with your first question.

As for holes, there are different reasons for them, and they are very common when you first start. Just watch each stitch–sometimes the stitch below the one on the needle gets picked up, sometimes the yarn is on the wrong side of your work. As you get better at knitting, you get a good feel for each stitch and eventually don’t have to watch each one like a hawk. Just knit a lot and purl a lot–practice is really the key.

I actually found the fixing mistakes videos after I posted my questions. So helpful!! I didn’t realize the term for what I was doing was “dropping a stitch”. Before I would just stop working and start a new swatch (not a good solution for a big project) - now I know the solution!

Great website for new knitters