Newbie question

Hi all, newbie here! :woohoo:

Just started knitting todaya nd it took abuot 1 hour to make sense of most things but I think I got casting and the knit stitch down.
EXCEPT, the edges look bumpy.

I looked it up but the video will not show/screen looks green and I can’t figure it out by voice alone.

How do I fix the bumpy edge look??
And being I am new, please try to explain it in non-knitter terms. LOL
I just don’t know if I can figure out all the knit lingo yet. LOL

Thanks and Blessings,

Give yourself a chance!! You just started knitting today and you’re worried about a bumpy edge? Relaaaax. All edges are a bit bumpy.

To smooth them out you can hold the yarn very tight as you knit the second and third stitch–that will tighten it.

Another way is to slip the first stitch without knitting it on each row.

:happydance:If you slip the first stitch, make sure to do it purlwise. Good luck

HI… I have found I like to knit. I had avoided it for years because I already crochet. So teaching myself, with the help of the Internet wasn’t that hard. I FINALLY got thru with the help videos here and I LOVE THEM!! :woohoo:

What I learned how to crochet, I learned from a book. And some things I learned wrong. It took me an amazing length of time to unlearn the wrong things and get them right… some I never could unlearn.

SO, I would rather learn to knit correctly the 1st time than to have to unlearn.
I am not a perfectionist but more of a

Thanks for the help… I am sure you gals, and guys, will see more of me later. :happydance: