Newbie question

Hello everyone!!! I’m Glen… I’ve been a knitter for a few months… :XX: My bedroom looks like a yarn shop exploded :shock: (it’s become an obsession). I never thought that people were serious when they said that “you can never have TOO MANY knitting needles” (I lost track of how many I have… e-bay is my new best friend).
Is it normal for my fingers to be sore??? :frog: How can I stop from using my index finger to slide off the yarn??? Will I eventually get “thicker skin”?
((I’m a continental knitter))
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

well i gotta say…i have found that since i was using smaller needles on a project recently i have found that i have a small callous on the tip of my index finger from pushing the needle. never really hurt but definitely was annoying at first. what kind of needles are you using? typically the yarn is a little harder to slip over bamboos but of course metal are pointier so there is a toss up there.

I’ve been using Turbo Addi circular & really “slick” metal ones (all varying sizes)…
I’m expecting a blister any minute!! :thumbsup:

wow…that’s a good needle for startin’ out on! how tight are you knitting? theoretically your yarn should move fairly easy on the turbos.

I didn’t think that I was knitting that tightly… my guage is fairly accurate. Maybe if I “relaxed” a bit, things would go a more smoothly.

FTI: I found the Addi needles on e-bay… A lady was selling all of her knitting supplies ((I bought her addi-s for about $5.00 a piece))

I bought a box of small round band-aids so when the tip of my finger gets sore with thin needles, I have padding. I do have callouses, but when I knit something with thicker needles and then switch back to thinner, I get a sore spot. I must say I’m consistent, because I manage to hit the exact spot every time! :rollseyes:


Hey Glen i noticed on your profile (little nosy habit of mine! :oops: ) that you like chows… well i have a chow and here he is… sorry i’m no help onyou question. i’m fairly new myself BUT i never got blisters!

Here’s a picture of my BABY…

Of course I truly can’t forget my little 2 pound Chihuahua. She’s one of the main reasons I started to knit… I wanted to make her some “sweaters” that didn’t cost me $30.00.

he is too cutie!!! :heart: makes me want another one! we’ll have to keep in touch so we can trade stories! have you ever been to they have a forum too!

yeah the Chihuahua looks like he could use something to keep her warm! shes a cutie to.

I’ve never been to that group before… Thanks for the link!!! I’ll have to go check it out… I got Opie from ForrestWay Chows. They just live about 20 minutes north of me & they have awesome dogs.
I’ll definately keep in touch!

ooo, i want a cream one. Max would love a little puppy to keep him company!
i got mine from they were 4 hours away! it was the only one i could find in MO. not much to look at on the site but they had a big barn full of dogs.