Newbie question (making baby hat)

Hi there everyone. :slight_smile: My name is Kay and I’m new to knitting.

After watching these videos and practicing with some yarn, I think I’m ready for my first little project. :shock:

I picked a baby hat and got some sport weight yarn at my local yarn store.

I cast on using the double cast on method. But, the pattern calls for ribbing using K. 1 P. 1 (I assume that’s Knit 1, Purl 1 for each row, right?).

Will the double cast on be OK for this pattern (since it gives you the first row of knit stitches automatically)? Or do I need to use a different cast on method?

I’m confusimicated. :slight_smile: Please help! Here’s the pattern I’m using :

Thanks in advance!!!

The cast on is fine. It’s not always counted as a row–sometimes it is in stockinette, but it is perfectly fine for ribbing.

Ribbing is k1, p1, k1, p1 all the way across. Make sure you move your yarn to the correct position for each stitch so you don’t get yarn-over increases.

When you switch to stockinette stitch, then you knit one row, purl one row. The knit row will be your ‘right side’.

That was fast! :heart: Thanks for the advice. My son is off with my husband at the in-laws for an hour or two, so I can go start it now, yay!

I will post pictures of the whole stinking mess, no matter how it comes out!

Thanks again.

Oh I forgot to welcome you!! Happy to help, too!

Hey, hey…welcome to the forum :smiley: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: Happy to have more :XX: friends :wink:

Thanks so much for the welcome!

I don’t think this hat is going to be too whoopy… but at least it’s practice!

Man, my hands do get tired though! Hope that gets better the more skilled I become.

If you just started running, you’re legs would be sore, right? Well you’re building up your muscles in your hands–they’ll get stronger and stop aching.