Newbie Question about instructions

I am wanting to make some slippers and the directions say:
Cast on 5 sts.
Knit 6 rows.

Next Row: Increase in 2nd stitch of each row until you have 22 stitches on the needle.
Next Row: Increase in each stitch to 44 sts.

What does increase in 2nd stitch of each row until you have 22 stitches mean? Each row add 2 stitches? Or does it go from 6 to 22 (cause that does not seem right with the picture)? And then what does increase in each stitch to 44 sts mean?

Assuming I have linked correctly, here is the actual pattern [URL=“”]


Knit the first st, then knit front and back in the 2nd st for every row - 1 extra st per row. After 17 rows of this you’ll have 22 sts, then you kfb in each one to increase to 44 sts.

after kniting 6 rows on the next row knit one stitch then increase one stitch (knit into the front and back of the next stitch, [B]KFB[/B]). Then knit to the end of the row.

Do this for a total of 17 rows until you have 22 stitches total.
then on the next row do the KFB into every stitch, which will double the number of stitches to 44

Thanks, that makes sense and is what I was thinking. I just needed to make sure I was understanding this right.