Newbie- q on knitting posture

Hi guys, a big hello to u all… :cheering:
i’m a fairly new knitter whose finally succeeded in learning to knit after stumbling across this excellent website…

the problem now is that after a little while my left shoulder and wrist tends to ache and my eyes seem to feel a little funny (although i guess that’s becos im holding needles to close to face)… i’m an english knitter and i think i seem to be doing more work with my left than right hand…

anyone got any sound advice on the correct posture or knitting position?? i’d really appreciate it and so would my left arm! thanks


That is number one in my book and what I tell my eldest when he’s attempting to knit - he really wants to learn but gets too tense and that affects his knitting style.

Number two is to keep your feet flat on the floor - it should improve your general posture.

Happy knitting!


I also find that having back support is good for me. My favorite position in which to knit is to sit in the corner of the couch, supported on my left side and back.

I knit English, also, but find that my right hand does most of the work. :??

I prefer to sit all curled up in my chair or on the couch. I tuck my legs up next to me and knit away. Then again, I cross stitched like that for years so maybe I’m just used to it? :shrug:

When I first started, though, I used to always have aches in my wrist and right shoulder. I think as you get used to knitting it goes away because I don’t have it any more.

I find that my arms tend to go higher and higher (towards my face) as I knit! This causes some neck and arm pain after a while. I have to remind myself to relax and lower the knitting into my lap, shake out the neck, etc…

thanks for the tips everyone, i guess it’s not just me that gets tensed up when knitting…

I knit English, also, but find that my right hand does most of the work. :??[/quote]

i think it’s becos i’m predominantly left-handed that i find my left hand does most of the work, guess i should learn continental knitting!? :teehee:

I taught a leftie to knit and even though she knits right-handed, she does the majority of her motions with her left arm and needle, too.