Newbie Poncho

Hi new knitter here…finished some scarfs and want to move onto something else.
Being that I live in Texas, we rarely wear winter coats but a poncho would fit the bill. I have looked at patterns and they all seem complicated. Any of y’all know of a very simple one-color pattern? Thanks for your help.
Happy Knitting:knitting:

The best simple, nice looking poncho I’ve found is in the book
The Knitting Experience: Book 1: The Knit Stitch (The Knitting Experience) by Sally Melville. It is two rectangles with fringe.
I love the pattern as I’ve made it with different yarns and in different lengths.
Check at your local library they may have a copy.
Have fun! Deborah

Hi and welcome to KH. Here’s an easy one. This is shown in two colours, but you could knit it up in one. It will go really fast because it is knit on large needles and uses bulky yarn.

Also here is another easy one if you can already knit in the round.

Good luck!