Newbie - not sure if I'm doing this right

Hello. This is my third ever attempt at knitting, and I’m just not sure that it’s right. I’m trying to do the pattern: BERNAT CORNER TO CORNER SEED STITCH BLANKET, which is also my first corner to corner blanket. Because the yarn is varied colors, I can’t really see the knitting clearly, but it looks like a mess, rather than the organized sets of stitches that I was expecting. Has anyone made this pattern before? Does it look right? I can see some sets of stitches that look right, but then the rest of it just looks like mistakes (in my opinion). Any thoughts? I don’t really want to pull it all out and start again, but if I’m making mistakes or have done something clearly wrong, I will. The baby isn’t due for another few months, so I have time!

Thanks in advance,
image image ![image|469x625]image (upload://3v1bLCptLWUYRuTfBzm2bd25Cb3.jpeg)

This corner to corner looks good. The yarn colors and thickness don’t make it easy to see your sts and work the correct pattern so it’s easy to go off.
Here’s a video for seed stitch that also touches on reading your knitting.

There are some areas where you’ve knit the Vs (see red lines) instead of purling them. That gives you the column of Vs or knit sts.
It’s up to you whether you decide to rip back or not. It’s a lovely, soft looking blanket that any baby will love.

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Ug. Mine doesn’t look anything like the piece in the video! It’s nice to know what it’s supposed to look like. I don’t trust myself to not make the same mistakes over and over (this yarn is so fluffy and the knitting is so loose that I can’t really see the Vs or the scarves) so I think I’ll just keep going. It’s a gift, and everything homemade has some imperfections, right?

Thanks so much for your response and for sharing the video. I may try this stitch again with a different pattern to see if I have any better luck.



Exactly. It’ll likely be the baby’s favorite.


Thanks. I am absolutely my own worst critic.