Newbie needs help!

Hello - I’m trying to learn to knit on my own but there are just too many confusing instructions included in the patterns. These may sound like simple questions to an advanced knitter, however I would really appreciate clarification on some things. When my pattern says to “end on WS” am I expected to knit to the END of the wrong side row or does that mean I am suppose to end up at the BEGINNING of the wrong side row in order to continue with the next set of instructions in the pattern. Also, is “bind off” considered the same as a “decrease” or is there a difference? Thanks so much for any help!

Welcome to knitting! Don’t worry–the patterns sound like a foreign language, but it’ll get easier.

When a pattern says to end with a WS row, then the last row you do is the WS. The next direction should pertain to the right side.

Binding off will decrease your stitches, but basically end that part of the knitting. So when a pattern has you bind off edge stitches for under the arms, for example, then there will be no more knitting on those stitches.

Decreases will reduce the total number of stitches on the needles, but there will be no one section that isn’t knit anymore.

Clear enough?

Thanks. That makes perfect sense. And the super-fast reply means I can get right back to my knitting! Thanks again.