Newbie needs help with pattern, puh-leeze

Oh, people! I need help. Duh. Why else would I be here, eh? ^_~

Anyhoo, I consider myself a beginner on my way to becoming pseudo intermediate, all self-taught by books and this oh-so-lifesaving website. Now I think I’m ready to tackle the world beyond scarves. Here is the pattern I wish to work:

Okay, now when it says “K2 (3), inc in next st”, what does that mean? I know what increase is, but does the “in next stitch” mean something special? What sort of increase would I have to do? Bar? M1? And what does the last part of that mean (“to last 1 st, K to end. 88”)? Does 88 mean that’s the number of stitches I should end up with after I do the row increase? If so, how is that possible? When I tried to map out the directions with the knit 2, inc 1 directions as I interpret it, I end up with 99 stitches total. Help!

I think the rest of the pattern is decipherable, but that one just threw me for a loop (pardon the pun)! Any help? Thanks loads!

Depending on which size you’re doing, you would K2 or K3, and then increase into the next stitch on the needle. Probably K into the front, then back of that stitch. Usually when the pattern doesn’t specify you can use the increase of your choosing, so you could probably even do a M1.

Wow! People answer quickly here! Thanks for validating my guess about the increase, FiberGirl; I feel a lot more confident. But can you or someone else get me straight on the 88? It’s so weird because it comes right after the period and, being an English teacher, my brain tells me that it’s a new directive. Should I have 88 stitches after working the increase? Because I’m still totalling up 99 when I try to map it out. ARGH! pulls out hair

The 88 is the number of stitches you’ll have at the end. I mapped it out and you will have 88. If in doubt, do it. :wink: