Newbie needs help with double pointed needles!

I am knitting a tote bag and the pattern says to switch to DPN as needed when decreasing tne bottom. I would love for someone to explain how you switch to DPN!! :??

Hi Newbie!

I am new to knitting as well so maybe wait for a couple of replies to confirm if what I am saying is correct :)!

I have knitted with double pointed needles though and I would just take this to mean that when you have to ‘switch’ to double pointed needles, when starting a new row, you are just going to knit onto one of the double pointed needles. Then when all your stitches have been knitted onto one of the double pointed needles, you just continue knitting with your other douple pointed needle.

Hope this helps!



[b][color=indigo]At the beginning of a round, knit one third or one fourth of the stitches onto one of the DPNs. Then knit the next fraction onto another DPN and so on until you have all but one of your DPNs with stitches on it.

Using the free DPN, go back to the first DPN you filled with stitches, and knit those on to the free DPN. Take the now first DPN which is free of stitches, and use it to knit with the second DPH filled with stitches. Continue on around following the pattern instructions for decreasing.[/color][/b]

Tons of thanks!! I thought that was how it was done, just wanted to make sure!! Thanks again!! :thumbsup:

I was a bit silly not realising you were knitting on the round (she says sheepishly - lol) - which of course makes sense that you are going to divide you stitches onto more than one double pointed needle.

Yarnlady rocks.


I usually slip the stitches onto the dpns rather than knit them on. Just a matter of personal preference, though.