Newbie needs help - seed stitch

Hi. I am making the first cable afghan and get the cable pattern part, but am confused on seed stitch with an odd number cast on. This is being knit flat but on circs because of the size. The directions say: Seed Stitch (multiple of 2+1). Row 1 *K1,p1, repeat from * end k1. Repeat row for pattern.

Then later it says Row 1 (RS) Work 3 sts in Seed st, 8 st cable pattern, 5 sts in seed st., 8 st cable pattern, 3 sts in seed st. Work evenly in pattern until panel measures 54" from beginning or desired length.

So can someone help me figure out Row 1 - is it k1,p1,k1 for those first 3 stitches, then the cable part, k1,p1,k1,p1,k1 … and then is Row 2 the same or is it the opposite (ex. would it then start p1, k1, p1 then the cable part)? I am so confusing myself.


Since it is odd numbered you would repeat the seed stitch pattern rather than reverse (opposite) it. So row 2 is k1, p1, k1, back of cable part, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 etc.)

:wall: Well, it is best to find this out now before actually finishing a panel. And only 18 rows to frog … lol - if you don’t laugh at your mistakes in life, we’d all be drowning. Thanks so much for your help. It certainly explains why it looks like ick so far. So glad I asked and so glad this site is here!

It is a simple enough confusion. If the numbers are even then you would reverse the stitches, what you are trying to do is have a purl next to a knit and a knit next to a purl, that way the stitches “pop” or stand out.

The simple way to figure out what to do when working seed stitch is to knit the sts that look like purls (on the row you’re doing, not the prevous row) and purl what looks like knit sts.