Newbie needs help reading pattern

Hello everyone!
Miss Knitty has knitted herself into the proverbial corner and needs your help.
She has attempted to knit mittens with the following instructions:

'RIGHT MITTEN: Starting at the cuff with the #3 needles cast on 32 sts and work in ribbing of k 1, p 1, for 2 ¼ inches. Then start the pattern as follows:

1st row-K 2, p 1, k 4, p 1, k 4, p 1, k to the end.

2nd row-P 19 sts, k 1, p 4, k 1, p 4, k 1, p 2.

3rd row-K 2, p 1, slip the next 2 sts onto a dble. pt. needle and hold in the back of the work; knit the next 2 sts; knit the 2 sts off the dble. pt. needle (cable); p 1, cable again; p 1, k to end of row.

4th row-Repeat row 2. (Cable on the 5th row hereafter until the tip decreases).

Next row: THUMB INCREASE: Work over 15 sts in the pattern; inc. 1 st in next st; k 1; inc. in next st; k to end.

And that’s all for now, it’s certain I’ll be back for more interpretation later :slight_smile:
What has happened so far is everything that should until I get to
’4th row-Repeat row 2.'
I did, now what? The instructions in parentheses don’t make any sense at all to me. Can anyone here help? Thanks!

Row 3 is the cable row, so for R 4 do R2 again, then repeat rows 1 and 2 twice and do the cable row on the 5th row. Then Rows 2, and 1 and 2 twice, cable row again. Row 3 is actually just like R 1 except you cross the sts on it. They really should have said to do the cable row every 6th row, otherwise it doesn’t work out.

Miss Knitty trusts she can call on your esteemed assistance again, and thanks you for your trouble :knitting:

Who’s Miss Knitty?

Miss Knitty is a person who recently took up knitting. She savours a nice cup of tea and an old movie while she’s at it.

She has definitely bitten off a bit right here, namely this cabled mitten pattern. Are the cable rows reversed for the left mitten? Or only the preceeding rows?
An excerpt;
LEFT MITTEN: Work the cuff the same way, when starting the pattern:

1st row-K 19 sts; p 1, k 4, p 1, k 4, p 1, k 2.

2nd row-P 2, k 1, p 4, k 1, p 4, k 1, p 19.

THUMB INCREASES: Work 14 sts; inc. in next st; k 1; inc. in next st; finish the row in the sts as they are. Finish to correspond

Miss Knitty appreciates your help, and if anyone cares to interpret the entire pattern she can be reached at Thanks!

Work the pattern as written for the L mitten, they are reversed so the cable goes on the back same as the R mitten.