Newbie - Need VERY easy hat pattern


I have only been knitting a few weeks, but am tired of just knitting a scarf. I only know basic knit/purl, cast on and cast off.

I would like a simple hat pattern with clear instructions. I prefer to use straight needles or dpn (as that is what I have available).

Can someone guide me?!

Robin <–ready for a new year challenge!

Here’s a link where someone asked the same question. There are a bunch of 2 needle hats linked here. :wink:

Eventually you’ll want to make a seamless hat. To knit a hat seamless you’ll need to use either DPNs, two circular needles, one long circular needle for Magic Loop, or a 16 in circular needle. These methods are all explained in the videos at the tab at the top of the page.

I would like to use DPNs…I hate seaming!

thanks for the link

Here’s a handful of my favs

Happy hat hunting!

Is this an adult hat or child’s hat? If you are doing an adult hat there will be quite a few stitches on each needle, but it’s not impossible. Here are some basic hat patterns.