Newbie - need help with a striped blanket... eeek!

I just started my first project, a striped baby blanket. All is going well, but I have one burning question.

I finished the first row of colour and successfully wove in the next colour and started knitting it in. It said NOT to cut the yarn of the first colour but just leave the ball attached for the next stripe that will need it. I wove the next colour in WITHOUT binding off (correct term?) the previous colour. The yarn is really loose in the spot where the colours merged. Should I have bound off after the first section and then wove the new colour in? How can I correct it? Also, what happens when I need to use the first colour again and I have to pull this long yarn attached to a ball down to start the next row?

Does this make sense? Any help you can provide would be awesome.

Thank you!!!

How wide are the stripes going to be?

What it sounds like you will be doing is starting each stripe along the same edge. When you get to the end of a row that has the other color, just carry it up along with the yarn you are currently using, along the edge. When it’s time to change yarn, just let go of what you were using and pick up the other color.

I think there’s a video on this site about using more than one color. Take a look at it. Amy shows you how to carry the yarn up.

It will be much easier doing it this way than having to weave in all of those ends.

Oh, and assuming the loose yarn you’re talking about is the one you “drop”, you can tighten up the yarn when you get to the end of that row the next time when you carry it up.

Hope this helps!

Ok - great! So i didn’t need to bind off the one colour before starting another. I get it.

I will check out the video on how to pick up the colour again when I need it.

The blanket is seed stitch and is 75 stitches wide (as are the stripes).

Thanks for your help! I’ll post pics when it’s done.