Newbie Learning How to Use Stitch Holders

I am attempting to make the Cuddly Cardigan pattern on the Red Heart site at:

And I’m confused on two things:

  1. Do I just carry the unused yarn and leave it hanging on the edge of the pattern?

and more importantly,

  1. when shaping the shoulders it says Bind off 11 sts, put center 19 sts on a holder, bind off rem 11. I bound off the first 11 sts but do I cut the yarn, put the next 19 sts on the holder and then reattach and bind off the remaining 11 sts OR do I bind off 11, put the 19 on the holder and carry over the same yarn to bind off the last 11?

I’m majorly confused so any help you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated.


Hi! I’ll try to help you out–for stripes, you do usually just carry the other color yarn up the side as long as the stripes are not taller than 1 inch, I believe.

As for the shoulder shaping, I would either cut the yarn or join a new ball of yarn to bind off the last 11 stitches. Hope that helps!

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You have two option with your first question:
:arrow: A - You can cut the yarn at each color change since it more than two rows. (I have never carried the yarn up the side for more than two rows because it’s very visible) … ALTHOUGH
:arrow: B - Check out Amy’s explanation for carrying more than two rows!!

I agree w/ Mer with #2. You can either cut or join a second ball of yarn.

Good Luck …

Thank you sooo much for your help. I’ll let you know how the piece turns out. Wish me luck!

I would attach a second ball, unless you are SURE that you are not going to be knitting any more on that side…