Newbie help!

Hi everybody!
Is my first time in the forum and i’m new in knitting.Sorry for my english, i’m a french speaker.
Well i saw a pattern

but is diagram anfd it my first to see it i mean i can’t figure out how to read it in a normal way, is everyone knows a website showing how to read diagram’s pattern. :thinking: :frowning:

And in the patern is written “No stich, ignore and move to the next stich” what does it mean? Do i have to skip a stich!!
Thanks for your help!

Bonjour Fleurs, j’etudiant francais en peu.

No stitch definitely means that you skip a stitch.
A line of symbols for a knitting chart is read from right to left, starting on the bottom row. The black dots all mean that you purl, the white blanks mean that you knit. The white dots mean you do a yarn over. There’s no trick to reading them, just match the symbols in the chart with the key that’s above it.

Just to add a few more details:

Read the chart for the front from right to left, for the back from left to right.

Work to edge stitches at the beginning and end of each row.

On those 2 rows where there are no stitches, just ignore those boxes. There are fewer stitches in that row, and in order to keep the pattern easy to read, they put in ‘no stitch’ boxes.

Otherwise, like Aiden said, use the key above the chart to tell you what to do in each box–one stitch for each box, even if you’re using two stitches for a box. For example, if a box says k2 tog, that takes up one box of the chart.

Don’t try to overthink it–just follow it one box at a time.

The area outlined in read is the pattern repeat, but in this case, you don’t have to repeat it more than the chart has you doing it.

Oo, see, now I didn’t know you had to read in reverse on the back row. The only chart I’ve used had just the front and you just purled across the back. Thanks Ingrid!

Good point Aidan–so many do just purl across the back so you wouldn’t even think about the fact that you’re going the other way.

Thanks very much Ingrid and AidanM for helping me :wink: , i’ll try this pattern and let u know.

Merci beaucoup AidanM!

De rien, Fleurs! :smiley: