Newbie, help with k1b

I’m just starting and have run into something I don’t recognize. I’m told to: k1b back then knit st above.
I understand k1b (knit 1 below), but what’s the “back”? Knit the below stitch from the back? Then knit st above – don’t slip off the upper stitch, but knit it as normal?
Thanks for any help!

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a name or a link?

It’s called a Herringbone Square from Knit & Purl Squares of the Month,

Maybe this one?

Can you quote the exact directions for the k1b? Just those directions please, not the rest of the pattern.

Yes, that’s the one.
The whole line is: K5, (k2tog, k2, k1b back then knit st above, k2) six times, k6.

I don’t see how to do “back” in a knit one below. You can knit one below then knit the stitch above which increases a stitch and balances out the k2tog but I don’t see how to work part of that into the back. Sorry not to be able to help. Someone else may have worked this out and be able to help…

Have you sent a message to the designer either through Ravelry or the website?

Thank you, @salmonmac That was what was throwing me off, too. I’ve done several web searches and looked through YouTube, but couldn’t see where the “back” fit in, either. I’ll email the website, but since it was from 2011, I’m not really hopeful it will still be active. I may just try it without worrying about going into the back and see what happens, but I’m so new to knitting I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell! LOL

The picture looks like there are twisted stitches from knitting through the back loop. I just tried it and I can knit 1 below through the back loop. I’ll try to explain.

From the back of the work poke the needle into the center of stitch below so the tip is at the front.
Point the tip of the needle to the left, over the left leg of the stitch then rotate the needle so that the left leg is on the needle and the tip is again to the back.
Wrap the working yarn around the needle and pull it through the stitch.

You can then knit the stitch above it.

Thanks, GG. I’m having a little trouble getting this to work on the needles but it would satisfy the indication to use a “back”

@MrsMom Is there any list of abbreviations with the pattern, either before or after the pattern itself? It’s unusual enough that I’d expect the designer to define the stitch.

There really should be an explanation somewhere. That doesn’t mean there is of course. I wondered if it’s less difficult to work tbl on the stitch below working Continental. I’m not at all proficient working English style but I did try it and it still seems to work. I didn’t leave the stitches, I just tried it on the piece I’m working on then undid it so have no idea how it would look after working further.

I asked the designer, Tandy Imhoff (smartcat on Ravelry) for advice and her reply agrees with your method, GG. Thanks for working it out!
Here is her instruction:
“The way to work this stitch is that you should work the left leg of the stitch below from behind your work. It is similar to doing a cross stitch where you would work in the the second stitch on your needle from behind the first stitch but instead you are working below the first stitch.”

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Thank you so much, @GrumpyGramma and @salmonmac!! I also contacted Tandy and have heard back from her. I understood your directions, @GrumpyGramma and am in the process of making a square (or part of one) with your directions, as well as some I got from Tandy. Yes, there was a description of the stitch, but it is a pattern “booklet” with 24 different afghan squares. The descriptions of directions are not with each pattern, but on one of the last pages.
Thanks again for everyone’s help! Like I said, I’m new-ish to knitting, getting back to it after many years. I’ve inherited all of my grandmother’s yarns and supplies, and I’m determined to put them to good use! (Good thing the colors from the 70s are back in style – she had TONS of those! LOL)

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