Newbie... have a question

Hi all. My name is Murray. I started knitting in 4H club when I was 14 years old. The leaders of the 4H club thought it would be fun to “switch things up” and have the girls do woodworking and the boys do knitting… Anyway, all the boys became silently addicted. We still carry on knitting to this day. I have just recently gotten back into it.

I know this question has probably been answered a dozen times, but I am in the process of knitting a hat and scarf for a gift; there are 5 colors in total. I have been knitting and have 3 rows of different colors and am wondering if I should break the wool each time I do another color and join in or should I just carry the wool up the inside of the hat? And if I should break and join, should I weave the next colour into the previous color.

Not sure if this makes sense. Any suggestion would be great.


Usually to knit without cutting the yarn, you work 2 or 4 rows in each so you switch them on the same edge and can carry the unused color up the side. But you can continue the way you’ve been doing if you prefer 3 rows in each color. If you go to the Tips page, there’s explanations for how to join ends in color.

We have several male knitters in this group, we’re happy to welcome another one.