Newbie - Good Wheel?

I saw this spinning wheel posted for sale on my Facebook yard sale. My husband is talented woodworker and could make any repairs needed. The seller wants me to tell them what a fair price would be. What are your thoughts?IMG_1101

There aren’t so many spinners on the forum but @mullerslanefarm is sure to be able to help.

@Addiejar, The wheel is very incomplete, although it has some very interesting characteristics to it …

Oh, by the way, HI! I’m Cyndi :woman_farmer: I’ve been spinning for over 20 years, wheel spinning for over 15 years and have done some minor restoration of wheels. I won’t have all the answers but I’ll try to help.

I believe you have two separate wheels that someone has tried to marry together. Small tables such as what you have rarely, if ever, supported such a large drive wheel. If they do, the table has 4 legs for stability.

From this angle, I can see there is no flyer & whorl assembly but I cannot tell if someone has just thrown pieces on top of a mother-of-all hoping it will look good or what is going on with it.

The knob sitting on top appears to be a tensioner; does it screw up and down? The problem is, there is nothing for it to tension …

The piece on the back that is horizontal (holding the drive band) is another partial mother-of-all. Because of the shape of the wood and the carvings, I believe it to belong with the table, but not with the uprights, drive wheel or the other mother-of-all sitting on top of the drive wheel.

And that pole sticking up?? Looks like someone has taken a broom handle, sanded off the paint, tried to age it and stuck it on the wheel. It definitely does not belong to the wheel!

You would need a complete flyer, flyer maidens and whorl assembly to fit on the existing mother-of-all and a way to tension them. Could you get pictures of the top from a couple different angles? Perhaps I could figure out how that tensioner is suppose to work with a flyer on top of that mother-of-all


This could be a wheel where the flyer & bobbins sits horizontal on the mother-of-all instead of vertically (based on the maiden that the drive band is sitting on) like this one


Hmmmm … this is a puzzle!

Here is a good website with pictures so you can see other upright (castle) style wheels that you can compare this wheel with.