Newbie Gauge Question

OK, I’m ready to make my first non scarf/baby blanket/hat/sock item. I’m making the anthropologie inspired capelet.

So, I’ve never checked gauge before (bad, I know), but I’m willing to learn. I just had quick question. The pattern calls for 12st and 16 rows over 4" in rever stockinette stitch. So this means that I should cast on 12 stitches and knit 16 rows in reverse stockinette and it should be a 4 inch square? Then based on whether my gauge is bigger or smaller than that I should change my needle size accordingly, correct?

Thanks in advance!


You should actually knit a bigger piece so you can measure the guage in several places. I would probably do at least 24 stitches and do 32 rows. Remember, once you’ve gotten the swatch done you can frog it and use that yarn if you want to.

The guage broken down will give you 3 stitches per inch over 1 inch and 4 rows per inch, but row guage is not as important as stitch guage.

Here is a great link about guage.