Newbie...Continental Knit/English Purl

OK, so I’m a total newbie, and taught myself how to cast on and knit yesterday w/ the videos here on the site. I know how to crochet (although just started that about 2 months ago…) so the Continental method of knitting was VERY natural yesterday. However, today, with purling, I just CAN’t get the purl w/ the Continental method :shrug: :doh: . My hand ends up all cramped and contorted! But, I tried w/ the English method, and it seems OK.

My question is… can I knit w/ the Continental method and purl w/ the English method… at least to start with? I know for ribbing and such, I’ll need to hold the yarn w/ the same hand (so get used to the Continental method) for the row to be efficient and not get things rapped around… but for stockinette, since I’m flipping my work anyway, would it work to use Continental for one and English for the other?



You can knit any old way you want! Knit conti, purl English–it all comes out the same in the end. You will have to decide on one for ribbing and such, you’re right there, but in the meantime–knit on! xxx

I agree, do what’s feels more natural for you. Knowing how to do both cn help later with other types of knitting like knitting with 2 colors by stranding like for Fair Isle. It also is good if you want to teach someone, you can show both ways and let them decide what feels better for them.

It’s great that you have learned both, way to go!