Newbie - Are these good Yarn prices at Joanns?

On sale this week:

JoAnn Licorice Sensations yarn $3.99 normally 5.99

Patons Classic Merino Wool yarn $3.99 normally 5.99

I haven’t shopped for long, so am wondering if these are good prices or just average?


I don’t know about the Licorice, but $3.99 is a pretty good price for the Paton’s Merino, which is now on sale for $4.49 elsewhere. Nice yarn, too.

All kinds of sales going on now, so try Googling the name of the yarn you want and see what comes up.

Looks like pretty good prices to me.

Jo Ann Fabric has 40% off coupons almost every week. I get them in the mail and in the Sunday newspaper. 40% off of a $5.99 item would put the price at $3.60, which is a little less than the sale price. Note that the coupons can’t be used on sale items (that’s the fine print!). So, the price of $3.99 seems pretty good and you could buy a lot of skeins at that price. But, you don’t have to buy immediately - JAF has a lot of sales and other lower price options (like the coupons).

Thanks Betty and to everyone!

I just bought enough for a couple projects. I also had a free shipping coupon (I purchase online)

The only bad thing is they won’t always be the same dye lot ,so if you are using this for one project the colors won’t match.If it’s varagated yarn dye lot don’t matter much.

At this point in my knitting life, Momwolf, the dye lots are the least of my problems!! :wink:

I usually make things with a mix of colors, yarns, so it won’t matter. Plus I am making small items with the merino.

Thanks for info though. I remember my Mom in the yarn stores looking for the same dye lot #s on skeins…many moons ago!

Does anyone purchase yarn on ebay with success? From the bigger, store type sellers?