Newbie after some advise


i’m susi, i’m 24 and a single mum to alexandre whos going to be 3 next month. i have just descovered knitting and that i really enjoy doing it. i only know a few stitches at the moment.

i’m trying to find some patterns to get started on for my son. io have 5 balls of double knit wool and would love to be able to use that, byut will buy more now if need be.

does anyone have any patterns for a oddlers please



Knitting Pattern Centralis a good place to look for patterns. There is a section for toddlers, toys, etc.

Berroco’s Children Patterns:

Apple Hat:

Bear Hat:

Chicken Little Hat:

Froggy Hat:

Panda Bear Hat:

Tiger Kitty Hat:

Blocks and Stripes Pullover:

Hooded Pullover:

Hooded Sweatshirt:

Knitted Jumper:


Striped Yoke Pullover:


Harry Potter Scarf:

Juggling Balls:

Garter Stitch Backpack: