New york city

anybody been to any yarn stores in new york city. i may be going for the day and wanted to check some out but don’t know where there is any thanks maggie

Hi Maggie,

I wasn’t a knitter when I lived in NYC so I don’t know much about the stores there except that there are a TON!

Here’s a list from Google:

[color=blue]NYC Yarn Stores[/color]

My list of want to see stores includes Purl, The Yarn Co. and Seaport Yarns.

Hope you have fun!


thankyou :happydance:

The Yarn Co. is on the second floor of a building on Upper Broadway - I have to admit, I get claustrophobic there, but they have a lot of stuff crammed into a very small space! Purl Soho is lovely, and I like the atmosphere there. Knit New York seemed small (but has a snack counter!) - I didn’t spend much time looking there. Knitty City (on W 79th) is nice, too, but I’m not sure they carry individual patterns - or if they do, they’re not making it obvious where they are! :shrug: But again, a nice atmosphere. And I have to say, the times I’ve been in these places, the people working there have always been pleasant - always a big plus!

Hope this helps… unfortunately, I didn’t take up knitting until I left NYC ( :pout: :pout: ), but I go home a few times a year and my mother and I sometimes go out to a new LYS to check it out. Still haven’t been to Seaport Yarns or the Point, but those are on my mental list…

I live just outside of NYC. Whenever I go in, I always go to Knitty City. I really like this store because the people that work there are so nice and helpful. I like Yarn Co. too - and it is just a couple of streets away from Knitty City, but the store is usually crowded and it may be hard to get someone to help you.

School Products has an amazing selection of yarn - but not too much help.

The Point (in Greenwich Village) is always a fun place to check out and they have great coffee for sale.

Hope this helps…


Hi there. I live in NYC and have visited plenty of stores. My favorite is Seaport Yarn which is downtown on William Street. It’s on the 7th floor and they have a great selection. People are very friendly. There’s another small shop on Madison and 37th called the Yarn Connection that is nice.

Knit New York on 14th Street is a good place to go and knit and meet other people. The yarn is beautiful but expensive…

several NYC yarn stores are not on 'street level" some, like seaport yarn, have almost no indication that there is a yarn store in the building!

street level stores have high rents, and often are small, (Purl is a jewel box, a wonder store, but slightly bigger than a postage stamp!)

the off the street level stores are often bigger, (seaport!) but not ‘normal’ the store is “office rooms” filled with yarn!..

so expect to see very different stores in NY!