New Year's Resolution

In 2010 I resolve not to buy any more yarn until the stash I have is down to 1 bin or less! It does not matter how many coupons are sent to me by Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s. I will not buy any. None. I swear. I will knit with what I have and be content with that. (Not sure who I am trying to convince here!) :roll:

Good luck! Should we start a knitters anonymous for your support? :wink:

Hee hee! I was getting to the point that I knew I should knit more and buy less, then 2 of my coworkers gave me a gift card to Jo-Ann for Christmas! I told them that was like giving drugs to an addict. So I guess I need that KA chapter.

P.S., I already spent the gift card…

I pledge in this New Year to always have something difficult on needles… and something that’s pretty much a no-brainer.

The one to help hone my skills; the other to help me relax and let go of stress.

Now, in between those two projects… !

PS - I also pledge (someone hold me to this, please!!!) to write an article every two months about some aspect of knitting and post it on my website. And here, if I’m allowed?

so what you’re saying is it’s time to binge shop for yarn over the next couple of days? :teehee:

I too also pledge to use up my stash before buying anymore yarn. I also resolve to FINISH WHAT I START!!! :yay: And thirdly, I will knit something for myself. Happy new years everybody!! :clink:

I put a small dent in my stash yesterday. My oldest DD recently discovered knitting and she’s addicted. She just moved to a new home after Thanksgiving and now has her next door neighbor (who was already a friend) addicted as well. I met them at one of our LYS yesterday and knew they’d suffer sticker shock. But hey, ya gotta start somewhere right? LOL I remember the first time I walked into a LYS. It does take some getting used the higher prices with the nicer yarns. They didn’t buy anything but I did! Bought some Cascade Pima Tencel that was 50% off - couldn’t resist it with all the new babies popping up around me. Also bought another ball of the James C. Brett Marble … but before meeting them, I pulled out two kitchen trash bags about 2/3 full to help them start their yarn stash. :slight_smile: Some was given to me that I’m simply not going to use; some leftover from previous projects; some I’ve already used for a project and probably won’t use again, etc. Needless to say, they were doing the happy dance when they got home and dumped those bags on the floor. LOL I’m looking foward to seeing what they do with it.

I’m gonna do [I]exactly[/I] the same thing with a friend I’ve been teaching how to knit and another that started doing crochet (she insists that knitting is too hard). It’s mean but practical!

I solemnly promise myself that I will knit more things for others than for myself (once I finish my hat and I learn how to do entrelac correctly). This year has been too selfish!

I will finally finish the throw I started years ago for the living room couch. 2010 is the year I will finally get that sucker done… and start the pillow covers for my old pillows that no longer go with anything in my house.

However, I will not even think of not buying more yarn. NO NO NO NO NO, UH UH! We need a holding my breath until I turn blue smiley :woot:

I need to finish SYLVI, a hooded coat that I began in January 2009. Can’t believe it is still sitting there, waiting to be “lined” and re-seamed and re-finished. :pout:

I put so much work into it in 2009…and when it was finally ALL DONE…tried it on…and the sleeves were hanging below my fingertips. The sheer weight of the coat pulled the raglan yokes south…and with it went my sleeves. Ack.

So disappointing. :wall: And discouraging.

I bought the lining…and the coat is disassembled…and waiting…

Wow, i have the OPPOSITE problem! My New Year’s resolution is to buy MORE yarn ha ha. I have practically zilch and now that i have money i’m going to spend this year wasting it all! Woo.:woohoo:

I also pledge to make something for myself! I always want to give other people the things I make! And another plege is to become really good at knitting so I can make a sweater!

Please don’t shout at me but I am one of those people who prefers to only have 1 project on the go at once (covers head with arms and waits for yelling to stop). I have 3 resolutions for this year; to find a local yarn supplier where I can actually touch and see the yarn and is closer than a hour and a half drive, to learn to knit in the round (either dpns or magic loop don’t mind which) and to keep my DD encouraged and knitting.


My resolution this year, is almost laughable, I am going to try to only start a project after I have finished a previous one.

I no longer make resolutions but I do make goals.

My knitting goal is to NOT have more than 3-4 projects going at once. I need different projects going on to keep my hands intrigued. I usually have something in each range of knitting, easy, medium, and “need to concentrate” (does not necessarily mean it’s a difficult pattern).

I will learn at least one new style of knitting, such as entrelac (sp?).

I will re-knit what I frogged of my finished Central Park Hoodie and finish it again by March 2010 (probably sooner but I need to finish my DD “Lelah Tank” before I cast on the back).

Happy New Year to ALL


I am normally like you Irishmam unless my family is making me make them something.

I solemnly promise myself that I will knit more things for others than for myself

I’m actually doing the opposite of that >_> I almost never knit anything for myself.The first thing I knit for myself(fingerless gloves) my best friend said she loved so I took them off and threw them at her with the intention of making myself a new pair when I got home…then I forgot about that for about a year.A lot of the time I start something for me then think “[someone else] would love it too” and end up gifting it.

My last project(a purse) is definitely all for me though.Could never part with it.

I hope to stop taking from this site (multiple “Help Me’s!”) and do more giving (helping newbies like moi).
I hope to learn the dreaded, scary, foreboding, ominous intarsia.
I hope to do my homework [I]before[/I] I do my knitting. The next day is difficult if I don’t do that.
I hope to floss more.
I hope to do equal amounts of giving of projects and making things for myself. So far it’s been all the former.
I hope to curse less when I FROG.
I hope to increase my skillz so that I can be better than all of you. :mrgreen:

I’ll probably break some - if not all - of these, but hey, life is boring if you’re good all the time.

Old Skool

I have an afghan OTN that has become the last thing I want to work on, I [I]shall[/I] finish it before I start on that sweater/sock/hat in wool. Now that I have discovered reasonably priced wool and felt what I have been missing all these years with acrylics, I want to start [B]now.[/B]

For 2010, I have 3 resolutions: a) to make time to de-stress and knit! I am in grad school and last semester I was stressed all the time and never knit or sleep. This semester I will make time for relaxation. b) to knit for MYSELF. I have only knit myself one wearable item and would like to make more things for myself. c) to spread the love of knitting/crocheting to others (I am trying to teach myself crochet as well- I love amiguramis!)