New yarn shop in ny!

Hey Guys!
When my lys, Red Needle Yarns announced it’s closing earlier in the year and I told ya’ll about many of you guys from NY wanted to know if I knew her future locale, I did not, but told you I would let you know when I did.
Well, Mickey (the owner, a wonderful person, you will LOVE her) emailed me yesterday and this is what she said:

[B]We have secured a temporary location for the [I]YARN OUTLET[/I] (discount
yarns) at 3320 Lawson Blvd in Oceanside, NY. 516-255-8312[/B]

[B]Official opening is August 21 at 11 a.m.[/B]

If the store is anything at all as it was here (and i bet it is) ya’ll are so going to love it!!! Should you stop in tell her Rebecca (with crutches) and Lonnie sent you…she LOVES my husband! She told me that he is one of a kind, the only husband, in her 30 years of the fiber biz, that she has seen come in and pick up things for his wife, knew what he was looking for, went directly to it, pick it up and buy it. And he patiently and happily would shop along with me in her whenever were in her shop!

I’m so jealous of ya’ll, you lucky knittters/crocheters will have a great shop…and, once established she has classes with teachers such as Nicky Epstein! So, when ya go, buy something in my honor!


[B][COLOR=“Navy”]THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ll have a look adn see what I can order. :slight_smile:


They aren’t online right now, they were here, but recently moved to NY and a bunch of Long Islanders asked me if i knew where she was going to open her shop. So, her grand opening was yesterday, but according to the website it will be a while before it’s up and running because they had to sell everything they could, pack up the house and the store and then move to NY! I’m very surprised she got opened so quickly! it will be an enviable yarn shop if it’s anything like it was here, and I’m sure it will be!

looking forward to seeing her online. :wink:

Thanks Rebecca - I do not live to far from there - I will have to check it out.

just when i’ve moved to WESTCHESTER… hehehe… i have friends who live in the area (oceanside) it’s really nice… near the beach… sigghhhh… your friends will love it becca! hope all’s well! :wink:

she was my LYS too :frowning:

Very cool! But still far from where I live (it’s 38 miles away!)

Tina, you are in Sav., too?! :cheering:

She (Mickey from the yarn shop) has had a shop in NY in the past, has been in the knitting biz for over 30 years! She returned to NY to help care for her mom and because her husband’s business is based out of NY and he was having to do all of his work via the web and you know that had to be a pain. As a matter of fact, I just received another email from her and her husband is much happier and productive since he’s actually at his business’ home base and she said it’s great to reconnect with family, as we all know to be true!
Still…I miss my Mickey and my yarn shop…you NYer’s will love her…lucky ducks:blooby:

I’m actually in Hinesville, hubby is in Iraq :frowning: Do you go to Wild Fibres now? Do you know of any others? I went to a really nice one on St. Simon’s last summer, but that is just too far to drive, even for yarn…lol…do you have a knitting group or anything? I have no one to knit with here :frowning:

Thanks Rebecca

I ordered from them several times online with fast and excellent service.

I’ll visit them when I visit my cousin for Thanksgiving weekend. According to mapquest my cousin is only 7 miles