New Yarn! HL "I Love This Cotton"!

Hey everybody!

I went by Hobby Lobby today and they have a brand new yarn available, called “I Love This Cotton”. It’s super-soft, comes in 180 yd 3.5 oz skeins (solids, they didn’t have any variegated left, but they apparently come in variegated too, as it was listed at 3 oz). :woohoo:I got 5 skeins in a beautiful aqua color~since it was on sale, I thought I’d be the generous one and try it out for y’all :teehee:

It’s listed at $2.99 on the skein, but was on sale for $1.99~hence the unplanned shopping attack. I only went in for stitch markers, and now I want to go back and buy out their stock of red, too! LOL~I’ll hold back though, it’s a long drive, and God willing they’ll have it again :mrgreen:

Oh great. I Love This Yarn is my fav. I foresee a trip this week.

Bad girl :fingerwag:

It seems to be very nice yarn, have to figure out what I’ll make out of it. My store also had some new Bamboospun which is nice and soft. They have spaces for the new Caron Spa bamboo yarn too, as well as I Love This Wool.

I saw that yarn today. It’s very soft.

ooh, that’s right! I did see the bamboo spun, and it was also lovely-very, very soft and nubby looking!

I didn’t know they were getting wool as well-yah!! I can’t wait to see it. :mrgreen:

just what I need~new yarns :teehee: I’ve been trying to finish up projects,not start them, lol!

Dang, we need a hobby lobby in Washington! Have fun with your new yarn!

I never saw that. I may go there sometime this week. I’l have to look for it. Thanks!

They’ve moved all the yarns around. The cottons are all together, then the bamboos and all wools, and sock yarns down the shelf.

A friend told me about the [I]I Love This Cotton! [/I]being on sale, so of course, I had to buy several for dishcloths. I need to cast on a dishcloth to try it out but it really does feel soft.

I also picked up some Lion Brand Sock Ease in cotton candy it was regularly $9.99 with the 40% off coupon only $6.00…for a pair of socks! :woohoo:

I don’t know about your Hobby Lobby, but in mine it seems like each time I go in there is one less yarn aisle. And still no Fall Issue Knitting Magazines!!:tap:

Hilary…thanks to your post, I had to venture over to HL…a convenient stop near my daughter’s friend’s house.

The first yarn is called Buttercup. It’s for me. The second one is Red, and it’s for a friend at work.

This makes me very happy, esp. since I buy a lot of my yarn at Hobby Lobby.

BTW- where do you all get these 40% off coupons?

In the Sunday newspaper, or in a weekly email which links to them online -
This week’s isn’t a `good’ one in that you can’t use it for yarn.

ooooh, Nathalie! Those are pretty!

I so want some red :teehee:

Bummer that you can’t use that coupon for yarn! Oh well, the ILTCotton yarn is pretty inexpensive even at regular price :slight_smile:

You can go to the HL site any time and look to see what the coupon for the week is. Print them out and off you go shopping. You can use one coupon per visit on one regular priced item. I have print several in one week and go in daily ( when I am going to be in the area)to get just one skien of yarn until I have what I need. :aww:

Casted on for a dishcloth last night and the I Love This Cotton is so nice to knit with…sooo soft. It isn’t hard on your fingers like SugarNCream and PeachesNCream. :thumbsup:

We’ll have to wait and see how it holds up.

I’ve found that the 40% of coupon is almost every other week on their website. Also, my HL lets me use more than one in the same trip, they just have to ring them up as separate purchases. I’ve only used 2 a trip, didn’t want to push my luck. I don’t know if it’s there store policy, or just 'cause I ask 'em real nice! It’s my “friendly smiles will get you far in this world” philosophy. :wink:


My Hobby Lobby just got some of that in recently too. On Thursday, I got my annual grandma birthday money and after finding JoAnnes sales dissapointing, I hurried over to Hobby Lobby and ILTCotton was on sale! 5 for 10 or something like that.

And I don’t know if it’s just my Hobby Lobby but I noticed that they started putting their clearance yarn at the very end of the last yarn isle. I was just walking by and noticed that a couple of them had yellow stickers and, low and behold, a third of the isle had those handy 99 cent yellow stickers on them :slight_smile: My boyfriend had to drag me out before I bought every single one.

How did the dishcloth hold up using the ILTC? I’m looking to add to my cotton collection and saw this when I was in HL this morning. However, as a new knitter, I wasn’t going to buy it unless I found an experienced knitter who had used it.

Any good news?