New yarn and colors at Blue Moon's website

Have you seen the new stuff at Blue Moon Fiber Arts?

They are offering new colorways and more yarn types! So pretty! :inlove:

Gah, why do they keep doing this to me??? :teehee:

I know! I’m making a list…and checking it twice…and adding more.

My mom already placed my birthday order :pout: Before I saw the new colors :pout:

Oh, huh, I could probably make myself a birthday order :shifty:

ooooh Happy birthday to me :yay: :teehee:

oh i just was given a skein of the medium weight in ‘farmhouse’ as a door prize at my knit night … with a simple pattern. don’t care for the pattern… any suggestions for a pattern that would break up the stripeyness of the yarn? :heart: i love the blue moonstone and watermelon tourmaline and fairgrounds [SIZE=1]and ms larock and algea and beryl and rose quartz and …:mrgreen:[/SIZE]