New to your group

Hi! My name is Vicki and I am a WAHM to three little ones in the SW suburbs of Chicago. I just recently started knitting and happened upon your website. This is such a fabulous site! The videos are so helpful!

I had learned to knit as a child and didn’t like it very much. However I had recently been talking about re-teaching myself and had ordered a couple books. They day my books arrived, I sprained my ankle very badly…So I have had the last 4 weeks to do very little except knit. I have completed a scarf, a felted bag. I am almost done with a large tote and am starting on a poncho for my 4 yo and a shawl for me. I am very much addicted at this point! If I have a idle moment…I am knitting! :XX:


Hi Vicki! Welcome to the club and the boards!

I’ve often wished I could break a leg or something just so I could sit at home and knit! I usually get up early in the mornings so I have time to knit before work, and man the temptation to call in sick hits me every time!

I have a blog you’re welcome to check out, I’m currently running a contest as well so stop by!

Great to have you here!

Welcome, Vicki!

I, too, am in the Chicago area – Western 'burbs. There are some others on here in our general neck of the woods as well. Glad to see you here, and I’m impressed with all the projects you’ve gotten done, but I’m sure you’d much rather be up and about!!

And Egeria … be careful what you ask for!!! :shock: I get most of my knitting done while I’m in the hospital with my son, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!!! Yikes!

Welcome, Vicki! I’m from the western suburbs, myself. :waving:

Welcome Vicki!!!

Im another one from “your neck of the woods”. :waving:

Let me invite you to start your own Blog thread in the Blog forum!

AND…tell me about your fav LYS’s out your way! Im a little further east, but, you know, have yarn, will travel!

Hiya, Vicki! :waving: Gosh, you are a fast knitter! I can’t seem to find time to knit and I don’t have three kids. Just one small but demanding poodle! Welcome.

a/k/a Denise


Welcome from another Illinoisian. Knitting is additive, isn’t it?!

Enjoy your time knitting and take it easy on the ankle.


Hi Vicki! :waving: Welcome to the madness… I mean, welcome to the forum! :wink:


I agree, you are a FAST knitter!

(and I don’t recommend being laid up at all! I was on bedrest when I was pregnant with my DS and after day #2 I was so BORED!!)

WOW 4 of us from the burbs! Fun to know other knitters relatively close by. I don’t really know anyone who knits nearby.

And Kelly…My LYS is in Shorewood just a couple miles down 59 from me! Stitch N Hook. The owner is wonderful and so patient, I just love her. I have brought work I was doing to her a couple times and she was so willing to help me out!


I have to admit…I have never quite figured out what a “blog” is. (Yes I am somewhat behind the times. I chalk it up to having a life filled with 3 little ones. I haven’t really kept up with the hip cyber world!)


Oh, Vicki, just read a few of the ones there & you’ll figure it out…really, its just a thread dedicated to all things YOU. You can make of it what you wish…post your knitting progress, tell us all about you (lots of us have made lists of “100 things about me” to share). Its a good way to get to know ya!

So many Illinoisians (Illinoisans?)! So, anyone know of a LYS in/near Wheaton or Peoria? My parents and the in laws respectively. It would be nice to take a field trip next time we go up there! My MIL and SIL probably know of ones near peoria though since they both knit. :smiley:

Oh yes, and welcome Vicki! :cheering:

Mer, I grew up in Wheaton. :smiley: There’s a yarn store on Main Street, right in the heart of downtown. I haven’t been there since I started knitting though. :doh: The last time I was there was to pick out yarn for a project my mom was doing for me…I had my kids in tow and man, is it cramped! But nice from what I remember.

The reeeal treasure is about 20 minutes west of Wheaton: Wool and Company. Very neat shop – they are very into felting and have a local knitter who teaches classes and sells cooool felting patterns. They have lots of other classes and of course, tons of great, pricey yarn. :smiley:

There are yarn stores in Naperville, Downers Grove and Elmhurst.

No way! :shock: Where’d you go to school? I went to Wheaton North.

I’ll have to check out those places. I remember going to a store in Glen Ellyn with my mom when I was little and she was still knitting, but I think it’s gone now.

Well, it’s not like I don’t have knitting stores here, but it’s always nice to visit new ones. Maybe I can drag DH there when we’re up in IL this summer. :lol: