New to this site and I'm having trouble with a pattern

Hi everyone
I found out about this site from the folks at Knit Picks when I called to see if there was a problem with one of their patterns. I know now I will use it a lot.

My problem is with their pattern Calliope Sleeveless Shell. I hope someone on here has made this shell and can help me out. I’m doing the size 48 and I’m stuck on the first row of the Armhole shaping I have the correct number of stitches on the needles 2 stitches off. My stitches are not lineing up with what is aready worked. When I work the stitches up to the asterick I still have 2 stitches to many. I hope someone can help me I’m at my wits end and I have taken this out so many times I’m ready to scream. :wall:

Thanks a lot

I’m not qualified to help you on this, but others can probably help if you post the instructions for the part of the pattern you are having trouble with - like how many you start off with, how you’ve increased, etc.


I agree, maybe you can post part of the pattern where you are stuck on so that there is more of a possibility to get some help? :shrug:

Bump! :thumbsup: