New to the area- London Ontario Canada

Hello, I am new to this forum stuff on knitting and I was actually wondering if anyone knows of a group of people that get together and knit and chat etc… In the last 2 cities where I lived, I was fortunate enough to find a guild in both cities. I currently live in London Ontario and would love to join a knitting guild again.
Thanks - happygramma :thumbsup:

Welcome to Knitting Help! I’ve moved your post here and given it a title so hopefully you can find someone.

One good place to look for guilds, groups and friends is at your local yarn store. I knit at mine twice a week. :wink:

Thanks Jan for your help… I will certainly try some knitting stores. If I can find some. Lol.

Great to have you join the forum. Here’s a list of guilds in Ontario including one that meets in London. I don’t know if this is convenient to you but perhaps it would lead to other groups.