New to site and stuck with my knitting!

Hi all,
I’m teaching myself to knit but I’m having a little trouble with my pattern and need some advice. I am making a cardigan and currently working on left front.

I have 9 sts on my needle and the righthand side has a cable of 6 sts when you look at from the right side

My pattern goes as follows;

Patt 7, sl 2sts onto a thread, turn. (When working second side K2 and sl these 2 sts onto a thread, then patt to the end on this row.) 7sts.
patt 1 row.
Dec 1 sts at each end of next row. 5 sts.
P1 row.

So…I have 9 sts and understand that I have to patt 7 and put 2 on a thread, turn my work and are left with 7 sts on my needle but I don’t understand the part in brackets. I am at the top of my left front and it seems to be tapering off.

All help appreciated.
Nat :slight_smile:

Welcome to knitting and Knitting Help!

It sounds like you’re doing the armhole. Depending on the style of sweater there is often some shaping at the neck and armhole.

If you can post the name of your pattern and a link it helps us help you better. Every pattern is a little different. :slight_smile:

OK the pattern is King Cole 3504, I am making the coat.

I have shaped for the arm and now up to the neck.

Here’s a picture.

Okay, I think the 2 on the thread will be for the front band and when you do the other front is what this (When working second side K2 and sl these 2 sts onto a thread, then patt to the end on this row.) refers to. Just ignore that instruction for this front and remember it for the other front where you’ll be starting a row with the k2 instead of ending the row with it.

So after you turn, then work the 7 sts in pattern, turn and dec a stitch at the beg and end of the row, leaving 5 sts, then turn and purl those 5 sts.

That is so great THANK YOU! I wish I hadn’t undone what I had completed lol!

PS I’ve never been on a forum/chat room thing before either so chuffed that both have worked.


Sue is better at this than I am…but she has more experience.:lol:

Is this your first project? That’s a cute baby sweater. :thumbsup:

Not that I follow patterns much anymore, but I can read 'em!

Thank you it’s great to have help at hand.
Not my first project but most difficult so far. First time i’ve done cable! and not as hard as it looks. This one is for my sister inlaw her baby is ue in 2 weeks and I’m half way there which is good. I’ve done the hat for my little girl and then going to do the all in one. She is such a chilly girl even at 4 months.
The previous stuff I have done has been easy knit jumpers and cardigans for my son who is now 2 1/2. when he was a baby. Since then I’ve just done my own free style tank tops for him to wear. But I’ve probably only done 10 projects in total.
I love it and now enquiring about a village hall that is available to use to start a group as we don’t have anything close by.

Sounds like you’re doing very well on the previous projects and now on this one. It would be great to see a photo of the finished sweater if you’d like to post one.

OK no probs, which is the best forum to share a photo of the work that you have completed?

What’cha Knittin’ is the place to go.

Doh! lol