New to patterns

Hi fellow knitters

I am from Australia and love this website!

I have only started knitting again recently after the birth of my daughter - it’s been literally 25 years since I knitted anything (and that was a blanket for my cat and dog!).

I have some very basic patterns for babies’ clothes which I want to try but my first question (which probably seems really obvious!) is this :

When a pattern says to knit so many rows of stocking stitch, does each individual row of knit and purl equal a row or do you have to knit one row of each to then make 1 row of stocking stitch?? (I hope this makes sense!!).

So if for example, the pattern says knit 10 rows of s-s, is it 5 rows of knit and purl or 10 rows of each?

I would really appreciate any help! :smiley:

Happy Knitting


10 rows in stockinette would equal 5 knits and 5 purls alternating.