New to loom knitting, and I have a few questions

Im still new to the ‘world of loom knitting’, and theres a few questions i have that I cant make heads or tails of. Im trying the loom knitting subreddit, but its kinda dead for the most part.

=How do I add verticle stripes to something? Right now, I want to make a smaller rectangle inside of a bigger one, with maybe two columns on each side of the smaller box, and the same at the tops and bottoms. I have seen a video that shows the double knit, but I cant find it for single

=How do I add letters to something (prefer block letters)? I may give the TARDIS police sign a go, and would really need to know that.

=I sometimes have threads along the edge that look like they have ‘pulled out’. (Or called a ‘loose loop’ according to Google?) Is there a way to prevent that? Its mostly on the cast on row, but sometimes it will happen on the long edges.

=How do I keep my rows/columns/stitches from being too loose? I noting when Im doing the stitching on the ends, it gets really loose (sometimes a 50 cent coin can go through it), even if I make it tight when I wrap it.

=And this isnt really a how to/technique question, but what are some good looms (small gauge preferred) I can buy online? Not picky about what material its made of, but if the pegs wont wiggle under ‘hard use’, and can withstand a bog possibly chewing on it but not be ruined, huzzah! Ebay has a lot of cheap ones, but kinda iffy about getting some of them

Most of the knitters here are hand knitters who knit with two needles not looms. There may be a few who can help, but you’ll have to be patient and wait for an answer. Sorry I can’t help.

Its ok :smiley: I think I can deal with waiting. Though I do go a bit bonkers when stuff goes too long. BUt I cant force people to get it done quicker XD

I actually found a tutorial that makes sense to me, and seems to be ‘working’, but my yarn keeps getting tangled with one another. I thiink I have an idea on how to stop (or at least make it less common for it to happen

(and since Im horrible at remembering things, im going to post this here so I can its cutting the top of a coke bottle off a bit (enough to put yarn in).Make a hole somewhere thats big enough for the yarn toget through and not get all…wonky. Stick yarn in bottle,
put the end/s through the hole/slit and go to town I guess? Havent tried that before so I dont know if it’ll actually work)

Make sure you round off the edges of the hole that the yarn is going through, or it could ruin it.

I’m also a “needle knitter”, so I know nothing about loom knitting. Sorry.

I am relatively new to loom knitting as well but have found great help from the loomahat videos. She talks specifically about loose loops in one of her videos, and shows how to knit different stitches on the loom. One of the stitches she covers may help you make your vertical stripes. Just type in loomahat on utube, or go to the website.

Slipping the last stitch of each row can help neaten the edges.

Loose knitting could be from a large gauge loom with yarn too small for it. I am looking for a regular (1/2" between pegs) or small (3/8") gauge loom right now myself, to work with #4 worsted weight yarn for a Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf. The shipping to Canada is killer so I haven’t bought a loom yet, but I have it down to 2 possibilites. Perhaps we can compare notes when we’ve each got a loom?