New to knitting

i’m new to all this and would like some help with a project i couldn’t find any information anywhere, i want to knit a scarf with a large symbol on each end lets use a peace symbol for convenience sake how do i do that and have it look right i drew up a pattern but am not sure how to actually go about knitting it any help will be greatly appreciated
thank you

Hi and welcome to knitting and to the forum.
Take a look at the videos on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page. Under Advanced Techniques are videos for Fair Isle and Intarsia. Depending on the level of detail in your symbol. one or the other would work. For somthing like the peace symbol, Fair Isle works because the color areas are small across the row. For larger areas of color, Intarsia is better.

Have you knit at all yet? If not I suggest practicing first before you dive into what sounds like intarsia.

i have knitted a bit mostly scarfs,i am in the process of knitting a Dr Who scarf for my brother but my son wants one with the symbols for his favorite video game on it so i thought i’d ask before i just jumped into it

Okay, check the video for intarsia inthe advanced techniques section. Unless you’re knitting in the round that’s how you add color while you’re knitting. If you are knitting in the round check the fair isle video.

i am having so much trouble with this sigh:whoosh: i’m not even sure how i should be casting on with the two colors in the intarsia video she has already cast on

Why are you casting on with two colors? If the color change doesn’t start till later you add it then.

You didn’t say whether it was knit in the round or flat.

If the symbols are later in the scarf, you don’t add the other color until you get there. Just CO with one color and work a few inches with it by itself. The video may show something with a different pattern that uses 2 colors right from the beginning.

sorry i’m working in the flat

Ok, that makes it even easier. Wait until you need the second color to start knitting with it. Don’t worry if the first stitch is loose, you can always snug it up later. Do leave about a 6 inch tail of the second color that you can weave in later.

Working flat also makes using intarsia easier.