New To Knitting

and not very good at it I might add. I cast on just fine, using the long tail method, but then when I get to the end of my second row I have this weird tangle and have to drop the stitch and I know the long strand that is there isn’t supposed to be there. It’s like I have three ends instead of two… the one attached to the skein, the tail, and this other random piece. I showed it to my friend, who is also learning how to knit, and he can’t figure it out either. Does anyone have any clue what I’m doing wrong? I’m starting to get rather frustrated because I’ve started over 14 times now and it just keeps happening. Thanks in advance for the help!


I’ve noticed this really big loop at the end of my rows when I use the same cast-on, it usually disappears if I just keep going and tighten up that last bit the teeniest bit, maybe this will help you too. You could also try the backwards loop cast on or something else to see if that helps.

It might help if you could post a picture. Have you tried keeping an eye on that part of your knitting while you knit the rest of it? If you watch it, you might be able to figure out what’s going wrong.

:thinking: :?? It’s hard to imagine what might be happening. Can you post a picture? What happens if you just keep on knitting?