New to knitting....have a quick, little question!


Hello everyone! I am new to knitting and have knitted many, many winter scarves…but now I am trying to learn to read directions. I am trying to start a baby blanket, only I am having trouble with something. I guess you could say you kind of make it like a dish cloth…increasing to half way and then decreasing. But this calls for working in the back of the yarn over (to close the hole) I really can’t figure out what that is. I need step by step directions as how to do this. I figure you take your needle and insert it in the back of the yarn over? I tried this and it doesn’t seem to do the trick…any suggestions?? Thanks!!! :shrug:

Welcome to the forum! :cheering:

If you are making the blanket I think you are then all you do is knit the YO the same way you do the other stitches. It all comes out fine once you get going. I’ve made dozens of these dishcloths. Give it a try!

BTW, it helps to link to the pattern if you can so we can help you better. :wink:

I love what you said about the cat hair!! I have a Persian cat and I know what you mean!

Thanks for the info and I will give that a try! When I just knit scarves, it is so easy, as you just knit all the way! (Well, at least the ones that I made)

How long have you been knitting? My friends don’t knit and my knit store is an hour away, so I have no help around here when I have a problem. I want to try and learn different stitches and be able to follow directions. I am better at chrocheting, I guess because I learned that first.

Wish me luck and thanks again for replying to my post!

I’ve been knitting since October 2005 so maybe 1.25 yrs or so. I was originally a crocheter, too. Crochet is fine, but the stitches are too much the same and it’s bulkier usually. I love the neat stitches you can do with knitting.

There are videos linked at the top of the page as well as a glossary of knitting terms. If you need a little more help you can always ask in the forums. We have one just for “how-to questions” and another for sharing your WIP (work in progress) and FO (finished objects).

Here is another couple links that sometimes helps out with how-tos.
Lion Brand - Learn to knit
Knitting at Noon Videos

And yes…cat hair…the ever present little addition to knitting. :teehee: