New to knitting cables

I hope someone can help. Im new to knitting and ive found a pattern for a scarf i would love to make. However i am so confused with two spots in this pattern.

The pattern reads as k8 p3 k3 p3 k15 p3 k3 p3 k8 for all rows, not including cables and yarn overs. Im confused on one part. Since the pattern comes in the little squares representing the singular stiches i will tty to explain it because i dont know if my image will post.

In the third tow there is 8 knit boxes, 3 purl, 3 knit (that consists of one knit square, the yarn over square, and another knit) then 3 purls.

How do i make that?

Then the next row in the same spot qhere it has the 3 boxes for that knit it has a / for the first two boxes as to cable towards the right and then for the third box it has a \ as to cable to the left.

How do i make that?

Any help would be greatly appriciated. I am the only one in my family qho knows a basic knit so this is the only option i can think of.


This is the pattern

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There may be more instructions for this pattern. The rows don’t have numbers on them so it’s difficult to tell if the chart shows all rows or just the right side (RS) rows. I’m assuming all rows are shown but you might check the full pattern. If all rows, then there should be a note saying “open boxes are knit on the RS, purl of the WS” for example.
Have you read charts before? The read from the bottom up and RS rows from the right to left, wrong side (WS) from the left to right.
Row 3, at the little mock cable between the sets of 3 purls, shows the pattern for “slip one, knit two, pass slipped stitch over.” (see the key, below) This is a mock cable rather than a true cable.
On row 4 in that same area, there’s a yarn over between purl sts.