New to knitting - arm hole shaping

Hi all:

I’m new to knitting and am confusing about the start of armhole shaping. The directions read: Rows 1 and 2: BO 9 sts, work across 68 sts. Work even until Back measures approximately 21"

I BO 9 sts. Then worked knit stich across 68 sts. I now have 9 sts left. Do I bind off? And then how do I start the second row?


The 68 stitches should be what you have left after you bind off on both sides. Bind off the first 9, and finish that row. On the next row, bind of the first 9 and finish that row. Then continue with the instructions.

:smiley: THANKS!! I bought a really fancy knitting book ($40+) and I still couldn’t figure out what they were saying. Your advice was fast, easy to understand and best of all - FREE!! Thanks again!

PS - won’t the armholes be uneven if the binding is one row higher on one side than the other?


Unless your top is made out of ultra bulky wool where you get something like 2 rows to the inch, the difference isn’t noticable. Since none of us are perfectly symmetrical anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it! :smiley:

Nicole’s right. All sweaters are made this way, so it’s not noticeable at all. It is in the armpit, after all. :wink:

Thanks for all the help! It’s worked great. :cheering: