New to forum - help with finding/creating pattern

Hello, :waving:
I am new to this forum. I used to knit a lot when I was younger (many,many moons ago). Recently, I started knitting again, first small things (toys and children stuff), but now I am ready to tackle a more challenging project (even though I am VERY slooow), but I need help!
I want to knit an aran type zippered sweater for my husband. I know which stiches I want to use (lots of cables, etc.) , but I do not know how to make my own overall pattern. My husband is very tall (6’ 3"), and has long arms, so I want to make a custom pattern that will fit him. To make matters worse, I am trying to make it a surprise.
Any suggestions, ideas, useful links?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!


It has several different interactive sweater pattern generators. I haven’t tried using any yet, but I’ve bookmarked it!


You may find the book, Sweater Workshop to be helpful, too.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check out the web site and the book monday (I’m off to an art show tomorrow through sunday); I will let you know if I make any progress.