New to Circular Needles - Simple Hat Pattern?


I would like to learn how to use circular needles and I thought it might be a good idea to make a simple baby hat in order to practice using them (my goal is to make a felted purse, but I need to practice first!). Can someone recommend a pattern? Thank you so much!


this one would be super easy. just cast the stitches onto the circ instead of DPNs and go to it (knitting stockinette in the round is just knitting every round…no purling required!)

you don’t have to change colors either unless you really want to.

i have a hard time getting most baby hats to fit on circs but someone may have a pattern that will work for you!

do you have the circular needle already? btw…you will likely need DPNs to finish the hat because as you decrease the number of stitches around will be too few to get around the needle. It is super easy to use them at this point! :thumbsup:

Here’s a few good patterns.

I’ve made this one and it was super easy. It’s for a child.
Simplest Cap

I haven’t made this one, but it’s so cute!!!
Piece of Cake Hat

I am making the one Brenda suggested. I got my Denise delivered yesterday, went out at lunch and bought some DK wool (sport weight to US knitters) that was very cheap and watched Amy’s video.

I sat down last night and started, I’m well on my way - I did some more at lunchtime today :XX: :cheering: so far it has been pretty easy. Just make sure not to let it twist. I’m using a single colour yarn to practice with. I’ll probably make a few of these as practice runs and try colour variations later, but as a first time circle knitting project it is proving to be nice and straightforward!

Edit: DOH I didnt look at the link properly… this is the one I am making not the one Brenda suggested…

Goodness, your completed projects on your website look like they should be on the cover of a knitting magazine! I have a LOOOOOOOOONg way to go.

ME??! Wow…thanks! I started knitting on October '05 and if I can do it you can do it! :cheering:

Thank you for all of the suggestions. I am off to buy some circular needles so that I can begin practicing!