New to circular Knitting

Hello! I am new to knitting (I’ve only ever done one scarf) and totally new to circular knitting. I am trying to knit a little tiny purse and the directions for the bottom are unclear to me. They’ve got me on a circular needle but for the bottom want it to not go all the way around the needles and instead go back and forth. The directions say not to turn. I’m not sure what not turning means. Stupid question I’m sure. Here are the exact directions:

To make bottom of purse: loosely cast on 13 stitches and work back and forth in garter stitch (knit every row) for 38 rows (19 ridges). Do not turn.

Can anyone explain to me what that means? I will be eternally grateful!

I THINK it means, that instead of turning your work around and stitching the other way (like you would with straight needles), just slide your work around the circular needles, and continue knitting as you did with the previous row…

But that sounds like it would produce stockiniette stitch…

No, sorry toni, that’s not what it means. This sounds like it’s the bottom of the purse and you knit it flat, producing garter stitch. Do not turn means when you’re done with the 38 rows of garter stitch, not on each row. I bet the next step is to pick up stitches around the side of that flat piece and then to knit in the round.


Ahh… that makes more sense then…

sorry :oops:

Ok, that makes sense but then I came to a problem when trying to pick up the stitches. I did the last row of the garter stitch and then my stitches were all on the right hand needle. How do I pick up stitches that way? Should I flip the whole thing so that the stitches are on the left? But then I would be trying to pick up stitches going from left to right. I’m so lost! Here’s a link to where I got this pattern from:
Sorry to bug you again! Thanks.

No, leave it so the stitches are on the right needle and pretend that the edge is like a left needle and pick up the stiches along it. Look at Misc Basic techniques for a video on how to pick up stitches.