New techniques

I’m curious where those of you that are talking about using two circ. or two sets dpn. learned these techniques. This two socks at once sounds neat :??

i learned it right here of course! :wink: i haven’t done two socks on two circs yet but i can’t stay excited enough about socks to keep going on them :teehee:

Using two sets of dpns is just having both socks started at the same time but you still only work on one sock at a time. So you’d do the cuff of one, put it down and take your other set and a new ball of yarn and do the cuff of the second. Then do the leg of one, put it down and do the leg of the other, etc.

when I used one BIG circ to make the legs of a doll I made, or the 2 sleeves of a Shrug I knit one row of one, then the same row in the other one
then back to the next row of the first, etc. etc.
kept me HUMBLE let me tell you
felt frustratingly SLOW at the time
but in retrospect it mist have been faster than normal

oh well


I’ve used circular needles and dps. for various projects, but can’t quite imagine how doing two things on one circ. works. Do you join the ends or do you need to seam them together when done? Does sound a bit tedious, but when you’re done, you’re done. I guess there’s always a new way to do things. Thanks for your replies.

Here’s an example.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but for instructions on how to knit two socks at once on one set of double pointed needles, click here.

I’m a beginner…so obviously I’ve never done it, lol, but I might try it one day. Good luck! :slight_smile: