New Stitch

Hi can anyone help me? I’ve started a pattern and come across a stitch TRS. I’ve never come across this stitch so would be grateful if someone can tell me what it means and how to do it. I’ve attached a photo.

Thank you

Is there a list of abbrevations with the pattern?

Yes and the abbreviation for it is not there. I’m beginning to think it is a printing error.

What is the name of this pattern?

On row 3 I can just see a “T2…” which might be a twist 2 right. Perhaps seeing all of the row will help us figure our what is meant by the TRS in row 1. We can’t post entire patterns here due to copyrights but a small portion is fine.)

Hi, this is the first three lines.

What is the name of this pattern? I’d like to see the picture of the pattern stitches.