New Project Idea Help (Felted Afghan)


Ok I have never felted before so obviously I would have to do a test swatch…

I would really like to make a felted afghan. I was thinking of using Bernat Felting Wool to knit the afghan whole and then felt in a washing machine. I really don’t even know if this would be feasible due to the size.

Has anyone ever felted an afghan?

Is this stupid?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


ps. I have also considered doing squares. Any seaming tips after felting?

Yikes! :zombie: Definitely make a good size swatch and see if you like it and you can see how it feels. If you need to do this I think you’d have to do squares. Felting an entire afghan would probably leave folds and ridges and I don’t know if it would fit anyway.

Just curious why you wanted a felted one? Do you live in the arctic? :wink: Here’s a pattern with squares that you could get an idea how to sew them together, etc.