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Hello! My name is Marilyn and I’m kind of new to knitting. I know how to knit a few things, I can knit hat, mittens, and socks by knitting around on four needles but that is all. I would really like to learn more about patterns and different stitches. I have a knitting book and I keep trying to make eyelets but it never seems to work.

Welcome, Marilyn! Check out Amy’s videos! They are the best at demonstrating knitting techniques, and if you still don’t get it, feel free to ask. There’s always someone willing to help.

If there is something that’s not in the basic videos–check out the Abbreviations section. I’m sure you can find a yo–yarn over which makes an eyelet–there.

Well I’m trying to make eyelets by doing a yo, and I watched the clip and did the same thing she did but it didn’t make an eyelet. I feel I’m missing something very basic here. Perhaps if I understood why yo makes an eyelet?

Try this–on the knit side of a piece of knitting, bring the yarn forward as if to purl. Then knit the next stitch, having left the yarn in front. You’ll see that the yarn travels over the needle and creates an extra stitch–the yo is an increase, too.

Purl back the other way, including in the stitch you added, and you should be able to see the hole then.

You can also try a row of eyelets by bringing the yarn forward, then knitting the next two together (to offset the yo increase) all the way across the row.
Then purl back and you’ll see what you created more clearly.

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I have learnt so much from Amy’s videos and if you dont get it the first time you can just watch it again and again if you are like me :teehee:

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Hi Marilyn! Keep trying those yarn overs, they really do work.