New Magknits

Hey everyone! I’ve been looking forward to the new Magknits for an entire month now and couldn’t wait to see the new issue.
So I got done at the music competition and came home and got online to see the new patterns and . . .
Seriously, don’t see too much I’m interested in… :confused: Kinda sucks that I waited a month and don’t even see much I wanna knit. There aren’t even any socks! lol What do you guys think?

I agree. Nothing too inspiring in this issue. Perhaps it’s just the colorway, but I think the scarf is…odd looking. And, then there are two bulky cardigans. The first one doesn’t even really have good accompanying pictures to see what it looks like. The water bottle holder is clever, but it’s been done before. The dress is not bad, but I have no one to knit it for. And, the toy thing is just weird.

So, yeah, meh.

Yup, I agree. Just meh. :shrug: The little girl’s dress is cute, though. Too bad I don’t have any kids to knit for. :teehee:

ehh i kind of like the josephine sweater but i agree that you can’t really tell what it looks like from the pictures. and i highly doubt i would actually make it.

How did you do in the competition???

Ooh thanks! I actually didn’t compete as a soloist, but I accompanied for two vocalists. They did very well, as did I! I was kind of nervous about one piece but I didn’t even really mess up at all, and I played for six pieces! Thanks for asking :woot:

Plus I finished a Monkey sock in my down time… big day!

Ew, what is up with that scarf? It just…doesn’t look right. :??

I think I like the Josephine sweater. Wish there were better pictures. I’ve been looking for a chunky cardigan anyway, especially not one with overly elaborate cables and bobbles where my ipplesnay are, so this could be good.

As a fellow pianist, I say that counts! Congratulations for a job well done!

the Pentapus is kinda cute:shrug:

Hey, y’all. I asked for more pictures of Josephine and the designer put them up!

I too liked the Pentapus, and if I had a kiddo to knit for, I’d make the little red dress… And what is up with that scarf… I guess they can’t all be winners.

Congrats on a sucessful competition and sock knitting day!:woohoo:

These pictures give a much better idea. I do like the construction a lot! Thanks! :thumbsup: